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KPN and Concentra invest in Mobile Vikings

KPN and Concentra are each taking a participation share of 33,3% in Mobile Vikings.   This way City Live,  the company behind this mobile operator,  can raise his capital to 1,2 million euro.  District Live, the holding of City Live and Mobile Vikings, preserves the remaining 33,3%.

Mobile Vikings is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that wants to make the mobile internet available for everyone.  They’ve been active in Belgium since December 2008.

Mobile in Belgium is expensive

Calling with the mobile phone is expensive in Belgium.  According to a study by the European Commission, the prices in our country are a lot higher than the European average.  Although prices have slightly dropped last year, the average GSM user in Belgium pays 26,26 euro per month.  In Europe that average is only at 19,49 euro.

Because of this, the Belgian consumer is less tented to buy a new mobile phone.  With a GSM penetration of 102%, Belgium is way below the European level of 119%.  Because of this, we lag behind for several mobile technologies and services.  The use of Mobile Internet, for example, is at a mere 3,5% in Belgium.

According to Viviane Reding, the solution lies in increasing the competition on the Belgian market.  She believes a 4th mobile operator would be a good idea.  And Telenet has already shown interest in that.


New operator Mobile Vikings offers free mobile internet

Today, December 16th at 16.16, Mobile Vikings will be launched into the Belgian market.  This new mobile operator, developed by CityLive, aims to offer free mobile internet access.  This way, CityLive wants to promote their platform of mobile applications.  The high data tariffs of the traditional operators still block the proliferation of such mobile applications.  

It’s not clear how Mobile Vikings intends to finance this free data access, but probably they’re hoping that the offering of applications will compensate for that. 

United Telecom will be the provider behind Mobile Vikings.

The future of IM is mobile

“Worldwide there are about 400 million chatters. 90% of them are youngsters. The future of IM (Instant Messaging) is the mobile phone.” That’s the opinion of Jeffrey Ganek, CEO of Neustar, the company whose network is used by all North-American mobile operators.

Neustar aspires to be an essential element in the world of Mobile IM, which they think holds a “potential of billions”. Not only do they want to take care of the interoperability between mobile operators offering IM services, but they also want to make sure those services are compatible with one another.

(source: Datanews)

Mobile Alliance against child abuse

The GSM Association, which groups all major mobile operators, has created the ‘Mobile Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content’. This alliance wants to prevent child porn to be distributed over mobile platforms. To keep the Mobile Internet clean and child-friendly, the necessary technical barriers will be build in. The initiative, which already received the support of European Commissioner Viviane Reding, is calling for all authorities worldwide to give their support to this cause.

Mobile Alliance against child abuse

Timbaland becomes Verizon’s Mobile Producer

Verizon Wireless will soon be launching their new ‘Mobile Producer in Residence’ program, which features a music producer bringing his work directly onto the mobile platform. Hiphop producer Timbaland – famous for his collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and recently Madonna – will be the first Mobile Producer, teaming up with different guest stars to launch a mobile-exclusive album on Verizon’s V Cast Music platform. The new tracks will be available for mobile consumers as song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones.

Press release


Call for cheaper SMS roaming

Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, continues attacking the high roaming tariffs. In 2007, she imposed a decrease in roaming fees for international phone calls. Now she also wants to see prices diminishing for international SMS messages and data transfer. Right now, these prices still vary widely because mobile operators charge each other differently to allow the use of their network. These costs are then charged to the end-user. Reding, talking at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, urges operators to lower these networks charges. She also stimulated the use of fixed fees for data transfer so the Mobile Internet could get the same boost as the fixed Internet did when flat fees (cable, ADSL) were introduced there.

It didn’t take the operators long to come with a reply. Rob Conway, president of GSM Association, which groups more than 700 operators, said he agreed that the Mobile Internet should be stimulated with a more attractive tariff structure, but opposed regulation of mobile data services, saying it would limit innovation: “We don’t believe retail price regulation is beneficial in this context at all. We would resist through reasoned argument”.

Viviane Reding