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Wikipedia launches iPhone app

Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopaedia who has proven to be even more reliable than the Brittanica, has announced the launch of Wikipedia Mobile, a mobile application for iPhone and iPod Touch.  This app allows mobile users to browse through the millions of articles.  But they’ll have to wait for a later version if they want to edit texts and add pictures.  But according to spokesperson Jay Walsh that’s only a matter of time: “It is a platform we are going to build on. The sky is the limit – we can do whatever we want.”  They also plan to take it to other platforms like Palm and Android.


Palm presents new Pre smartphone

10 years ago, Palm dominated the PDA world.  Unable to hold on to their top position, they have since been pushed aside by the iPhones and Blackberries of this world.  Now they’re back in the competition with their new smartphone, the Palm Pre.

The Pre, expected on the market this semester, sports a 3,1″ touch screen in combination with a full keyboard.  Its Web OS allows multitasking, a benefit over the iPhone.  Other features include a build-in GPS, a 3.1 megapixels camera and 8Gb of storage.  With its 140g, it sure is one of the light weights on the market.  More details on its features are expected later.