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Dutch SMS service to stimulate Mobile Internet

Three years after the launch of the Belgian PlazZza platform, The Netherlands are also coming with a SMS service to stimulate Dutch Mobile Internet sites.

The initiative comes from the Open Mobiel Internet, who started testing the flatfee SMS9009 service.  For a fix tariff of 500 euro per 3 months, advertisers can reserve a keyword on the shortcode 9009.  When consumers send this keyword by sms, they receive a direct link to the mobile internet site of the advertiser.  Both sending the keyword and receiving the link are free of charge.  The Dutch mobile operators Vodafone, KPN and T-Mobile all joined the initiative to further stimulate and drive traffic to the Mobile Internet.  All actors are hoping that ultimately this will lead to the development of many more mobile marketing campaigns.

The tests will be evaluated at the end of 2009. 


MobileWeb creates Jobat Mobile for Corelio

Job search & career advice on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone

MobileWeb, the Belgian specialist in mobile internet solutions, has created the mobile job portal Jobat Mobile for Corelio. Based on the unique Mobile Web Server, jobs and career advice are optimally presented on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone. MobileWeb has previously developed De Standaard Mobile for Corelio.

Jobat Mobile: find the job of your life, wherever you are
On August 20th, the career website Jobat has launched a new mobile site, covering all domains that are present on the website. “Jobat Mobile allows to check for new incoming job offers any time and anywhere, on your mobile phone or smartphone”, explains Luc Van Haute, managing director of Jobat. “The launch of this mobile service is an important step to bring career opportunities and info closer to the job searchers.” A job search on the mobile site can be done by function, by region or by sector. The site also gives career tips, company profiles, and news articles taken from De Standaard Mobile. Interaction with visitors is possible through the weekly poll.

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
“The job search on your mobile phone should be easy and user friendly, no matter which mobile device and which operator you use”, adds Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Depending on the type of device, whether it is a GSM, Blackberry or iPhone, the font size and the images are adapted to the screen size.”
In June 2008, has also created De Standaard Mobile, another mobile service from the Corelio group. This allowed to integrate news content and traffic info from De Standaard Mobile into the new Jobat Mobile service.

Available for free on and on PlazZza
The mobile internet site can be visited for free by entering the address in the mobile browser. This is possible for every mobile device that has Internet access. also registered Jobat Mobile in the listings of PlazZza, the Belgian portal for mobile sites. If you send the keyword JOBAT by sms to the free number 8080, you’ll receive a sms message with a direct link to Jobat Mobile. The mobile site is a free service, available in both French and Dutch.

Advertising for Jobat Mobile - click to enlarge

MobileWeb brings De Standaard on the Mobile

MobileWeb, the Belgian specialist in mobile internet solutions, has created the mobile news portal De Standaard Mobile for Corelio. Based on the unique Mobile Web Server, the news pages are adapted to the characteristics of the different types of mobile phones. This way, De Standaard Mobile is optimally presented on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone. PlazZza played an important role in the launching campaign.

De Standaard Mobile: the most recent news always at hand
De Standaard has launched a new mobile news service, called De Standaard Mobile. “De Standaard is much more than a newspaper. We are a news brand. That’s what we already were on paper and on the computer. Now we’re also that on the mobile phone.” says main editor Peter Vandermeersch. “It’s the quality and the speed above all. That’s why we’ve opted for the system of MobileWeb,” adds project leader Joris De Lannoy.

An optimal presentation on every GSM, Blackberry and iPhone
“For De Standaard Mobile it was our main objective to develop a clear and readable news site, independent from the type of GSM, Blackberry or iPhone that is used,” explain Managing Director Danny Lein. “Depending on the type of device, the font size and the images are adapted. The first page gives short but clear titles, which click through to the entire article. The automatic updating system always visualizes the most recent articles.”
For the traffic information, there was a close collaboration with the Flemish Verkeerscentrum. Based on a handy map for each Flemish region, people on the road can check easily and quickly where to expect traffic jams.

Available for free on or on PlazZza
The mobile internet site can be visited for free by entering the address in the mobile browser. This is possible for every mobile device that has Internet access. also registered De Standaard Mobile in the listings of PlazZza, the Belgian portal for mobile sites. If you send the keyword DS by sms to the free number 8080, you’ll receive a sms message with a direct link to De Standaard Mobile. wins two Mobistar Awards was the big winner at the annual Mobistar Innovation Awards, which took place yesterday at ‘Living Tomorrow’. The prestigious PlazZza Award was acknowledged to the dealer locator for Audi. The emergency alerting platform Helpi was rewarded with the SMS Award., four years of innovation is no stranger at the Mobistar Innovation Awards. This year’s awards follow previous prizes for their Mobile Tools (2004), Laundromat SMS service (2005) and Samsung (2006). Danny Lein, Managing Director of “It is great when important market players are willing to invest in innovative new mobile solutions. With these awards, the sector has recognised these efforts as well. That motivates to continue innovating!”

Audi, find the nearest dealer on your mobile

The winner of the ‘PlazZza Award’ was the Audi Dealer Locator, an application that developed for D’Ieteren. For the first time in Belgium, it is possible to locate the nearest Audi dealer on the Mobile Internet. The application tracks the location of the mobile user through LBS technology. The addresses of the nearest car dealers are then displayed on a graphical map.

Helpi, emergency service at the click of a button

In the category ‘SMS Award’, the prize went to the emergency service of Helpi. Like the Audi application, the Helpi service uses LBS technology to locate the mobile phone user. This way, a person who is in an emergency situation, simply needs to push the pre-programmed Helpi-button on their mobile to inform the emergency services. Frank De Neve, Manager of Helpi: “The strength of this service is its simplicity: one push on a button informs both relatives and emergency services. That is very efficient and saves time in case of an emergency. The Jury particularly liked that aspect.”

2007 – The Year of the Business Model

Each year in the spring 3GSM, the highlight fair of the GSM sector, takes place in Barcelona. This fair brings together all small and large players of the mobile telephony from everywhere in the world. More than 1.200 exhibitors and 55.000 visitors were present at this year’s edition. What are the big trends and what can we expect in the near future?

Trend 1: 2007 – “The Year of the Business Model”
With this quote by the CEO of T-Mobile during his keynote speech on 3GSM, the tone of the 3GSM congress was set. To compensate the downfall of revenue from speech, new money sources will have to be found. This year we will see many experiments with new business models.
Firstly, there are a lot of expectations from social networking tools and user generated content. All large mobile phone groups would love to repeat success stories as those of MySpace and YouTube on mobile platforms. Photo and video sharing services will also quickly appear on mobile platforms. The Belgian/French Moblr is an interesting initiator.
Another certainty is that large players will want their share of the very promising mobile advertising market. The attention is mostly directed to the upcoming market of mobile paying search systems. During the congress in Barcelona, the largest mobile operators gathered to discuss the creation of a common search robot, competing Yahoo! and Google.

Trend 2: Mobile internet and push-email on the rise
In 2006 the mobile operators all over the world have opened their mobile internet environment a bit to ‘off-portal’ content providers. Belgium saw the launch of the PlazZza platform, which allows content providers to advertise their services. In 2007, the mobile Internet will be in the centre of attention for the large internet players such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!. They will extend their offer with products that are complementary to their internet services. The recent acquisition of Tell Me by Microsoft illustrates this.
New this year is that more and more internet players will also market ‘on-device’ portals. The new Yahoo! Go Mobile for example was one of the show-offs in Barcelona. These applications can be downloaded and contain the most important functionalities locally. Data transfer over the still slow mobile networks are mineralized and executed in the background. For the consumer, it’s more user-friendly and the costs for the data transfer are lower. It remains to be seen whether such local applications can be effectively divided and sustained for a large group of users and devices.
Lastly, in 2007-2008 we can expect a larger scale of ‘push-email’ applications, mostly directed to consumers. Such applications allow to send e-mail messages in the background to the mobile phone. In the long term, push email will be an important competitor for SMS.

Interactive mobile TV

Trend 3: Mobile TV stays hot
Mobile TV was still strongly present at the 3GSM congress. Mobile TV today still creates a lot of enthusiasm with hardware and telecom providers. TV broadcast is becoming an important feature in the value proposition of the mobile phone of the future. The small screens now give a fantastic resolution. The mobile operators also keep the faith in this opportunity and continue building their broadband and broadcast capacity. Question is whether the consumer is actually waiting for this and whether he is willing to pay extra for it.

A lot is still about to happen in the further development of tomorrow’s mobile multimedia world.

First banner campaign on PlazZza is the first market player that uses the full advertising possibilities of PlazZza.

With a banner campaign about the services of his client, is delivering a first in Belgium regarding mobile marketing. The banners can be seen on the search pages of PlazZza, the search portal for Mobile Internet sites, launched last year by the Belgian mobile operators.

First banner campaign on PlazZza

PlazZza, portal for the mobile internet
PlazZza offers a platform to give easy access to mobile internet sites in Belgium. On PlazZza, the end-user can choose between several categories in which the WAP sites are listed. Another possibility is sending a free SMS with a certain hitcode to the shortcode 4444. Samsung for example has integrated the hitcode ‘samsung’ in its advertisements. If the consumer sends this hitcode to 4444, he receives by SMS a direct link to the Samsung mobile internet site.

First mobile banner campaign strongly believes in the possibilities of PlazZza regarding mobile marketing. This provider of mobile solutions previously introduced big names on this new mobile platform, among which Samsung and Club Brugge. With a campaign about the new WAP service of, wants to prove that the PlazZza medium is ready for advertising. In collaboration with ScreenTonic, pioneer for mobile publicity in Europe, and the operators Mobistar and Proximus banners were placed on the category and search pages of PlazZza. ScreenTonic previously set up campaigns for, among others, Coca-Cola and Reebok for the successful Gallery, the French counterpart of PlazZza.
“With the coming of larger GSM screens and faster connections, the major obstacles for a mobile platform as PlazZza have been conquered.” explains Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Marketing campaigns on such a medium are the logical next step, and both the market as the consumer are ready for it.” site launched

Earlier this month, the Belgian mobile operators launched the Internet website for PlazZza.

On, you can find more information on how PlazZza can improve your mobile marketing. It gives an insight on the costs and the benefits that PlazZza will have for you and your customers.

Visit here.

To discover the power of PlazZza, you can also send a free SMS with hitcode DEMO to the shortcode 4444.