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Use of iPhone apps – some figures

Some interesting facts & figures from JournalduNet (Aug. 2009):

An iPhone user downloads on average 10 mobile apps per month. An iPod Touch user almost double.


Most users find their apps “by coincidence”.  Searching a specific app, usually because of word of mouth, only comes second place.


iPhone users are more willing to pay for their apps than Android users.


An iPhone user spends on average 9,49 USD per month on apps.


Almost 6 out of 10 iPhone users downloads between 1 and 3 paying apps per month.  5%  buys more than 20.


Half of the users spends less than 5 USD per month on apps. One out of 4 pays between 6 and 10 USD. 


De Standaard iPhone app – get your promo code

One week after the release of the iPhone app of De Standaard, it still features at #1 in the list of paid apps in the Belgian Apple App Store!

Did you download your copy yet?  Give us your feedback in Comments.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this is your chance.  De Standaard has given us 5 promo codes allowing a free download of this popular news app.  First come, first served, so hurry up!  When you’ve gotten hold on one, please let others know in Comments.






De Standaard iPhone app, on the rise in App Store

Interesting to see how the mobile app for De Standaard was rising up the ranking for paid apps in the Apple App Store.  Check the images below, taken at different times yesterday morning.




MobileWeb develops De Standaard iPhone app, first paying news app in Benelux

De Standaard has launched its own mobile application for the iPhone. This app was developed by, Belgian specialist in SMS and mobile internet solutions. was previously also responsible for the creation of the successful mobile site

The app of De Standaard, now available in the Apple App Store, is the first paying iPhone news application in the Benelux. After only 1 day, the app already ranks first of the paying apps in the App Store.

De Standaard, pioneer in the European mobile media landscape
Corelio strongly believes in the mobile platform. After launching specific mobile sites for De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad in 2008, this media group now also launches an iPhone app.

The iPhone app of De Standaard has the advantage that one can download the many news articles onto the mobile device and then read them in offline mode. An Internet connection is only required to update with new news items. The app also offers lifestyle news, opinions, photo wall browsing and a TV guide. The app can be personalized, resulting in more possibilities and a better user experience.

The app of De Standaard can now be bought in the Apple App Store for € 3,99. This makes it the first paying iPhone news app in the Benelux. The paying aspect of the iPhone app means a new source of revenues for a media company like Corelio. This makes the company one of the pioneers in the European media landscape., specialist in innovative mobile solutions is a Belgian specialist in innovative Mobile Internet, Mobile Marketing and SMS solutions. previously developed the successful mobile sites, and for Corelio.

Danny Lein, CEO of “The development of this first premium iPhone news app is an important milestone both for De Standaard and for MobileWeb. In a short period of time, we have extended our technical platform with an iPhone app development environment. This in-house technology allows our clients to further build their leadership position in a fast evolving mobile market.”

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In-app payments now available for free iPhone apps

Last Thursday, Apple announced that in-app microtransactions will be extended to free iPhone and iPod touch applications, enabling developers to sell content, subscriptions and digital services without requiring consumers to spend any money upfront.   This was previously only possible in premium apps.

In an email to registered iPhone developers, Apple said: “You can also simplify your development by creating a single version of your app that uses In App Purchase to unlock additional functionality, eliminating the need to create Lite versions of your app” .

Developers can market new levels in an iPhone game, additional chapters or books in an ebook app or new tools in productivity apps. However, that meant pricing apps at a minimum of 99 cents. The revised policy should make it easier for developers to build profitable businesses out of free applications, and also promises to clean up the App Store by making Lite apps redundant.

More at Wall Street Journal.

Half of iPhone users download premium apps every month

Some interesting results from the AdMob’s July 2009 Mobile Metrics Report:

Half of iPhone users and 40% of iPod Touch owners download one or more premium applications from Apple’s App Store each month, compared to 19% of Android smartphone users.

– More than 90% of Android and iPhone OS users browse and search for apps directly on their mobile device, rather than on their computer.

–  iPhone and Android users download approximately 10 new apps each month, with iPod touch owners downloading an average of 18 per month.

– More than half of iPhone and Android users spend more than 30 minutes per day using apps.

– Users who regularly download paid apps spend approximately $9 on an average of five paid downloads per month.