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Mobile site for train info

Infrabel launched the mobile site already in april 2009, but somehow that escaped our blogging attention.  While it shouldn’t have, because it is a nice example of an efficient and very useful mobile website.

It’s been years since I’ve traded the railways for the highways (not necessarily getting me to my destination any faster), but I remember when I was a student how frustrating it was to only have the train info when you arrived at the station.  Think of all those times you rushed to the station to catch a train, only to arrive and learn that it has half an hour of delay.

With the mobile site, you can check for every Belgian station, which trains have arrived and which are about to depart.  Not only you see the destination and departure time, but also the platform number and any possible delay.  With a simple differentiation in colours, you can see the current location of the train.

The design is very simple; apart from the Railtime logo is pure text.  But that’s a positive thing: mobile internet design should follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) to maximize efficient reading.

From me, it gets thumbs up!

Have you used this site yet?  Did you get the correct & up to date info?  Leave a comment with your opinion.