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Mobile music: from ringtones to full MP3

I’ve discussed it before: the ring tone industry is no longer what it used to be.  With today’s mobile devices, we no longer have to endure those irritating polyphonic  ring tones, but we can instead download full MP3 of our favorite songs onto our mobile, use them as tones or simple use our phone as a music player when we’re on the bus.

As I recently read on Digimedia, research by Strategy Analytics has shown that the sale of (mono, polyphonic & hifi) ring tones still represents 50% of mobile music sales, while the download of singles is gaining popularity.   Another agency Informa Telecoms & Media points out that for listening to music, most people still use a separate device (such as an iPod or a pre-historical CD player).  But with hybrid mobile devices and smartphones becoming more wide spread, this trend might soon change. 

A good stimulation is the launch of new mobile music services, such as PlayNow Plus, which is automatically available with the phones from the Sony Ericsson Walkman series, and Come With Music, which Comes With the Nokia XpressMusic devices.  Both services offer free music downloads for a first period of time, after which the (optional) service is monthly charged with the mobile subscription.   Another example is of course the Apple iPhone, which syncs with the iTunes Store. 


Ring tones decrease, ringback tones on the rise

In December, we already reported the decline of the ringtone market. Recent study by BMI predicts that this market will further decrease in 2008, generating approximately $510 million in the US. This is a 7% (or $40 million) decrease compared to 2007.

Better news is that ringback tones are gaining popularity. A ringback tone is a song that is performed to the caller when they call a participating mobile subscriber. BMI projects US sales of ringback tones to surpass $210 million in 2008, which is a lot higher than earlier predictions.

“The market for ringback tones has grown stronger than we originally forecasted last year,” said Richard Conlon, BMI Vice President, “As we forecasted last year, the ringtone market continues to decline as the novelty phase wears off and lower-priced substitutional products come to market.”

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Timbaland becomes Verizon’s Mobile Producer

Verizon Wireless will soon be launching their new ‘Mobile Producer in Residence’ program, which features a music producer bringing his work directly onto the mobile platform. Hiphop producer Timbaland – famous for his collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake and recently Madonna – will be the first Mobile Producer, teaming up with different guest stars to launch a mobile-exclusive album on Verizon’s V Cast Music platform. The new tracks will be available for mobile consumers as song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones.

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Ring tones hype is over

For several time, there was a real madness for ring tones, which was a real gold mine for distributors such as Jamba and Musiwave. But those days seem to be over now. The sales of ring tones in Europe is decreasing rapidly. More and more devices allow to make your own ring tones. If your GSM is equiped with a MP3 player and Bluetooth function, you can easily put your favorite song as ring tone, which works much better than the ennoying polyphonic version of Crazy Frog.
The ring tones suppliers are now working out a new strategy to save their decreasing revenues.


Music downloads for your mobile

British telecom Omnifone has launched MusicStation, a new music download service for mobile phone users in Sweden. All subscribers of the Norwegian group Telenor can enjoy unlimited downloads for a weekly fee of 25 Swedish kronor (2.99 euros, 3.98 dollars). About 80% of all mobile phones will be compatible with MusicStation. In the coming weeks, the new mobile service will be introduced on markets across Europe, Asia and Africa.

With this launch, Omnifone has beaten Apple to the global market. Apple’s iPhone, offering music storage and Internet access, will be introduced in the US within two weeks (June 29) and in Europe by the end of this year.

“MusicStation’s launch heralds the beginning of the next generation of mobile music,” states Omnifone chief executive Rob Lewis. “Hundreds of millions of mobile phone subscribers worldwide will soon gain the ability to download and play unlimited amounts of music, wherever they are.”

Music downloads for your mobile