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Samsung Application Store launched

Last Monday, Samsung Electronics has launched its Samsung Application Store.
Users of Samsung smartphones, such as the Samsung Omnia, in the UK, Italy and France have now access to mobile apps; 30 other countries will soon follow.
The  Samsung Application Store joins a large range of other app stores, including Apple App Store, Blackberry’s App World, Nokia’s Ovi and Google’s Android Market.

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New mobile producers lead the market

The top 10 leading mobile phone makers in 2007 is lead by relative newcomers Apple, Research In Motion (RIM) and ZTE Corp, while more traditional producers, such as Motorola and Sagem are regressing.
The much-hyped iPhone boomed Apple onto the 10th position of largest handset manufacturer. RIM, producer of the BlackBerry, scored higher, landing on no. 6 in the list. ZTE (at no. 7) is a Chinese newcomer, who has scored high by striking deals with Vodafone, providing cheap handsets for emerging markets. US-based Motorola saw its market share dropping from 21.5% in 2006 to 11.9% in 2007, settling for a third place in the list, right behind Samsung, who crawls up from 11.3% to 13.4%.
Still undefeated at the top remains Nokia with a market share of 40.4% (up from 36.2%).

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Determined to hold on to their top position, Nokia has presented their idea of the future mobile phone, one that is based on nanotechnology and that uses solar energy. Baptised the Morph, the device is translucid and can be deformed into a bracelet. it can be expanded to a large screen with keyboard. The makers at the Cambridge University explain that the surface is also self-cleaning and it recharges with sunlight.

Nokia Morph demonstration in Quicktime.