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Apple rejects Google Voice app

After weeks of discussions and even an inquiry by the Federal Communications Commission, Apple has decided to block Google Voice, a mobile app presented into the Apple App Store.  Google Voice is a telephony application, and according to Apple it interferes too much with the phone options of the iPhone itself, such as calling, texting, voicemail, etc.  Of course, one wonders whether the developer being Google, a big competitor for Apple in many ways, has played a part in the decision process. 

Meanwhile, Google seems to be making the same mistake.  According to USA Today, Google rejected a Skype app for the Android platform, writing: “Consumers who use Android, the Google-developed operating system for wireless devices, can’t use Skype.”  Google however denied this rejection: “While the first generation of our Android software did not support full-featured VoIP applications due to technology limitations, we have worked through those limitations in subsequent versions of Android, and developers are now able to build and upload VoIP services.”

Either way, the giant web companies will have to figure out a way how to deal with competitors on their “open” platforms…


Skype available on mobile phones

“Fantastic!”, my colleague Olivier exclaimed after having installed Skype on his iPhone.  As he is using the company’s WIFI network, he can call other Skypers for free.  And after a few tests, the quality turned out to be pretty good.

This evolution is worrysome for telecom operators.  When Skype was introduced years ago, they were reassured that most people were used to their mobile phone and wouldn’t limit themselves to sitting at their PC to make their phone calls.  Now that the Internet has become more mobile, the threat is back.

Of course, it is still a limited service.  You can only call to other Skype users for free.  You can also call another phone number, but then a telecom network is used at the receiver’s end, so it’s paying.  Another limitation is that you need a Wifi network, which are not as widespread here as they are in the United States.  Without the Wifi, you’re surfing on the telecom network… and paying for data.
UPDATE: Turns out that Skype only works on Wifi, not on 3G because of contractual agreements.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the telecoms should start rethinking their strategy.