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MobileWeb supports 11.11.11 through SMS campaign

MobileWeb and the mobile partners KPN Group Belgium, Mobistar, Proximus and Telenet join forces and open a short SMS number to collect money for 11.11.11. Clients can send a message to 4666 and donate €1 for the campaign. This year’s action wants to draw attention on climate change and the impact of it on the South. Global warming is threatening the life of people in 3rd World Countries and creates famine and drought for billions of people.

SMS has proven to be a very effective fundraising method. Previous campaigns for the earthquake in Haïti, the flood in Pakistan and the famine in Africa all generated high contributions. MobileWeb supports again free of charge the technical part and is the preferred partner for these kind of actions. We have the knowledge and technical capacity to setup fast and easy SMS-campaigns for organisations. The 11.11.11 campaign was ready and operational in less than 48 hours.

Support 11.11.11 and send a message to 4666!
(from 6 tot 21 November 2011)

Innovative SMS campaign replaces recruitement letter

MobileWeb creates platform for interim agencies to connect faster and easier with job candidates.

sms recruiting

The classic letter of application seems to be outdated. T-Interim is the first agency that uses sms to recruit candidates. It’s a fast and easy way for companies to connect with the right profiles. Volvo Cars is currently enrolling the system to recruit 400 production workers. You send the company name to a short, easy-to-remember number and within 24 hours the agency will contact you. If you have the right competencies, the application procedure will start.

It’s not only easy and fast. It’s free, the threshold is low and people without e-mail-address are included in the pool of profiles.

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1 out of 4 Americans gets news via mobile

26% of American adults now reads news on their mobile handsets, says a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Of all the users using the mobile internet for information, there is
– 72% checking for weather forecasts
– 68% checking news headlines and current events
– 44% checking sport results and news
– 35% checking traffic reports
– 32% checking financial info and updates

Also interesting to know is that almost 1 out of 2 smartphone users (49%) has downloaded a mobile app to access headlines, weather, sports or other information.  Almost 1 out of 3 (31%) gets news alerts via SMS or e-mail.


The study also finds that a person younger than 50 years is 3 times more likely to access news via their mobile than a person above 50.  The average mobile news consumer is a white male, age 34, with a college degree and a full-time job.

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Medicines send sms reminder to patient

Swiss pharma group Novartis is testing a system, developped by Proteus Biomedical, which inserts a chip in the shoulder of the patient and a micro-sized chip in the pills that patient has to take.  if the meds aren’t taken according to the prescription, the patient receives a reminder by SMS, triggered by the chip.  The system would stimulate good use of medicines, thereby increasing the effectiveness.

Pregnant cows send SMS

Pregnant cows informing the farmer by SMS when they’re about to give birth – how sweet!

The device that can make this happen, was introduced at a farmers convention in the French Rennes.  A week before the scheduled birth, a thermometer should be inserted into the cow’s vagina.  This thermometer is attached through sensors to a mobile phone. Twice a day, the farmer is updated about the temperature of the animal.  When the water breaks, the thermometer escapes the animal. The sudden temperature drop activates the system, which sends a SMS to alert the beginning of the birth process to the farmer.


Belgian elections: still no mobile marketing, no social media

I blogged several times on the successful use of mobile marketing in Obama’s election campaign.  In fact, it’s been praised as a great example of the possibilities of mobile marketing on many international sites and blogs.

One would think many would follow his example, right?  After all, Obama proved the many advantages of using SMS and Mobile Internet in a campaign: it’s fast, you reach a lot of people, you prove to be into modern technology, and it’s a great way to build in interactivity and people involvement.

So instead of sticking to those lame (and expensive!) billboards in people’s gardens, Belgian politicians and parties have had developped their own mobile site with their political program and the latest news.  They have offered SMS alerts to remind voters what they stand for.  They have held collects by SMS payment to fund their campaign among party members.

At least, that’s just some of the things they COULD have done.  But we have seen none of that appear.  The cliché of the Belgian who sticks to the old, to what he knows, has once again been confirmed by our very own political figures.  Instead of showing their progressive side, stimulating innovation in Belgian business, they’ve chosen to play it safe.

No social media were used either.  Several international examples have recently adopted social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with big success.  Apart from some local initiatives and Facebook fan groups, we’ve seen nothing of that either in the Belgian election campaigns.

Better luck next time?

PS: I forgot to mention one of the exceptions: CAP (Comité pour une Autre Politique) uses a SMS Payment service to fund their election campaign. Big thumbs up to them!

Adidas mobile app tracks marathon runners

Adidas has launched a cool mobile application which allows people to track their friends as they run the London Marathon. The Runner Tracker service, developed by British agency Marvellous, sends subscribers SMS updates about the location of a runner on the 26.4 mile course. 

Visitors to the Adidas website are encouraged to download an app which directs them to enter their friend’s race number. Information including their start time and average speed is then available via the app. The Runner Tracker also includes general race information, including a map and directions to get to various parts of the course. The app builds on an existing service from last year which saw 4,320 people use it on the day with 10% of runners tracked.

(source: NewMediaAge)