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MobileWeb builds SMS Flits service for Touring Mobilis

Touring Mobilis introduces the Flits Alarm, a new mobile service allowing consumers to receive the location of traffic radars by SMS. After sending a SMS with the keyword FLITS and his postal code to the shortcode 9180, the user receives a message back, containing all traffic radars in a 50 kilometer radius. It’s also possible to subscribe to the FLITSINFO service, which automatically sends new flits information in your region.

Touring Mobilis, service by and for the road user
Touring Mobilis keeps an eye on the current status of all Belgian roads. A broad network of correspondents ensures an up-to-date overview of all accidents, traffic jams, road blocks and radars. “It was already possible for road users to inform us by SMS when they noticed a radar. The logical next step is that we inform them about radars, specific for their region.” explains Geert Michiels, CTO at Touring Mobilis., provider of innovative mobile solutions is a Belgian provider of innovative Mobile Internet, Mobile Marketing and SMS solutions. Several applications have been awarded at the Mobistar Innovation Awards.
Danny Lein, Managing Director of “Ever more large companies are realizing that SMS communication is not only efficient and cost effective, but is also a powerful tool for interaction with the client. To inform people on the road in real time, SMS is the perfect channel. Combining the extensive database of Touring Mobilis with our infrastructure has resulted in this interesting application, that will make life easier for many people.”

For more details on the Flits Alarm service, visit

Stop your stolen car by SMS

A month ago, we were driving our car with an iPhone, so why not stop a car by SMS?

Students engineering at the University of Saskatchewan , Canada have worked out a system that can be very useful if your car got stolen.  Basically, you send a SMS to the board computer of your car and tells the system that the car is over-heated, after which the vehicle will be immobilized.
To avoid accidents, the car won’t stop immediately, but it will be limited to 30 km/h.  When the thief stops the car, he won’t be able to start it again.  To complete the magic, the system will send a SMS message back with the GPS coordinates of the car’s current location.


City of Waterloo introduces new SMS service

The city of Waterloo isn’t new to SMS services.  In the past, it was already possible to receive cultural tips by SMS, but the supplier of that service went bankrupt.

Now Waterloo has collaborated with Systemat – an applications developer, active on the platform – for a new SMS service.  The city will have a “super admin” account, allowing to give out logins and passwords to other community services that wish to use SMS communication with the citizens.

In a first phase, the SMS application will be used to inform students of the music academy, for ex. when a teacher is ill or when a class has been postponed.  Following, there’ll be several other applications, for schools, community services, etc.  There’ll also be an integration into the community website, to add the SMS communication channel online. 


MobileWeb develops MySMS service for Proximus has developed MySMS, a new service for Proximus customers, allowing to send a SMS message to a group of recipients.

There are plenty of situations in which it is useful to be able to contact a group of people
Think of:
– A businessman informing his colleagues that he will be late for a meeting
– A soccer trainer informing the team members that the training will start an hour later
– A school teacher informing parents about a school trip

MySMS allows you to create a new group, invite people to join and send messages to the members. 
Or you can join an existing group and receive all messages from the organiser of the group. 
An extended list of commands allows to subscribe/unsubscribe from a group, to get informed on which groups you own or to which groups you belong, etc.

Read more about MySMS on the Proximus website: NL / FR
or watch the video demo below.


Election of Obama stimulates internet & mobile technologies


The election of Democratic candidate Barack Obama as the new US president will stimulate Internet & mobile technologies

Obama’s openmindedness towards these new marketing channels already became clear during his election campaign, when he launched a popular mobile internet site and news alert services by SMS

Last week, it was also reported that the mobile content related to Barack Obama outsells all McCain-themed content by a 9 to 1 margin. Among the Obama content downloads available via Thumbplay, the best-selling realtone is “Tell Yo Mama, Vote Obama,” the best-selling video is the “Candidates – Obama” clip and the best-selling wallpaper is “Obama, My Homeboy.”

This past summer, Obama was the most searched term on mobile, more popular than rival keywords Heath Ledger, Britney Spears and American Idol.

New media, such as internet and mobile, have played a very important role in this presidential elections.  “Like Kennedy used the television to his advantage in his 1960 battle with Nixon, Barack Obama has won these elections through his knowledge of the Internet and other new media” says Mark McKinnon, political adviser of George Bush and John McCain.   As McKinnon states, Obama’s campaign worked bottom up instead of top down.  He reached voters who no longer depend on getting informed by television channels and newspapers.  Instead, his platform included YouTube videos and SMS messages

The results have proven the impact these new media can have on a campaign.  If Obama continues his affinity to the internet and mobile platform, it promises great opportunities for these markets.

Security SMS for the Olympics

A few days before the kick-off of the Olympic Games in Beijing, Chinese authorities are increasing security measures to avoid any danger during the event. 

All airports have introduced additional security procedures.  A special “anti-terrorism manual” has been released explaining to locals 39 dangerous situations, including “an explosion, shooting, hijacking and chemical or nuclear attack”.  The manual encourages people to send a warning by SMS to the police when they see something suspicious, or even better, to take a picture and send it by MMS to the police.   

Police warns citizens by SMS

Last month, we reported on the emergency services of Helpi.

Helpi has now joined forces with the federal police and the ‘Buurt Informatie Netwerken’ (Neighborhood Information Networks) to create the new communication platform bin-sms.  This platform allows to inform citizens by sms in case of an emergency or insecurity.  For example, when burglars have been signaled in the neighborhood, the police can enter a warning into the SMS application, and the message will be send to all BIN-members of that area.

More info on bin-sms.

Buurt Informatie Netwerken