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Minister Q: “maximum price for sms not possible”

Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne reacts to a call from consumers organisation Test-Aankoop to put a maximum price on SMS messages.  According to Minister Q, this is not possible, since the European legislation does not allow such a limitation.  But he claims that high competition on the market will automatically lead to lower prices.   This will be stimulated even further when a 4th licence is auctioned later this year.  Telenet and Voo have already shown interest.

Euro Parliament approves lower SMS tariffs

Yesterday afternoon, the European Parliament has almost unanimously approved the lowering of a European maximum on international voice calls and the inrtoduction of a maximum on the price of a SMS and surfing.

As of July 2009, sending a SMS from a foreign country (within the Union) should cost maximum 11 eurocent.  Today, this is on average 28 eurocent and sometimes up to 80 eurocent!

By 2011, the maximum tariff for outgoing international calls should have diminished to 0.35 euro per minute.  Incoming calls should be charged at a maximum of 0.11 euro per minute.  This summer, we can’t profit from these limits just yet.  So when you’re calling a friend from the beach in Barcelona, remember you’ll still be charged up to 0.43 euro/minute.  When that friend calls you, your part of the bill can be a maximum of 0.19 euro/minute.

Euro parliament wants 50 cent limit on data roaming

The European Commission and the European Parliament both agree that there should be a limit on tariffs for data roaming.  While the Commission had proposed a limit of 1 euro per megabyte, the Parliament wants to go further and put the limit at 50 eurocent. 

To avoid the so called ‘bill shocks’, the unexpectedly high roaming bills, the Parliament wants to force providers to introduce a price limit.  Users should receive a warning when 80% of this limit is reached, and again when the total limit is reached. 

Other decisions made for mobile included:
– Listening to voicemail across the borders should be free (as of 1 July 2010)
– International SMS sending should cost maximum 11 cent (as of 1 July 2009)
– International calling should be limited to 40 cent per minute (as of July 2010)
– Receiving calls internationally should be limited to 16 cent per minute

These issues still have to be discussed in plenary and agreed upon by ministers from the member states.

Europe wants lower SMS prices

European Commisioner Viviane Reding continues her battle against high telecom tariffs.  She is currently working on a law proposal that should put a maximum of 11 eurocent for sending SMS messages within the EU.  Currently the average tariff is at 29 eurocent.  The Commission has researched in 27 European countries to find out that prices vary between 6 eurocent (in Estonia) and 80 eurocent (in Belgium). 

Reding is also targetting the cost for Internet access through mobile devices.  The average cost of 2 euro per megabyte should be cut down to 1 euro.

The proposal will be voted on September 15th and has high chances for approval.

European Commission wants lower SMS tariffs

In February 2008, European Commissioner Viviane Reading urged the mobile operators in Europe to lower their roaming tariffs for international SMS messages. Between October 2007 and March 2008, the average cost of a roaming text message was 0,29 euro.  Since Reading’s call, it has lowered only to 0,28 euro.  Still too much for Reading, so she’s taking the lead herself now. 

She is following the advise of the European Group of Regulators (ERG), which proposes an average price between 0,11 and 0,15 euro per SMS, and will make a proposal in October to submit SMS tariffs to European regulation.  The European Commission will also examine whether measures have to be taken concerning data roaming costs, which are still too high as well. 

The ERG itself hopes regulation won’t be necessary and urges the sector to be ‘attentive’ towards data roaming prices.