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MobileWeb supports 11.11.11 through SMS campaign

MobileWeb and the mobile partners KPN Group Belgium, Mobistar, Proximus and Telenet join forces and open a short SMS number to collect money for 11.11.11. Clients can send a message to 4666 and donate €1 for the campaign. This year’s action wants to draw attention on climate change and the impact of it on the South. Global warming is threatening the life of people in 3rd World Countries and creates famine and drought for billions of people.

SMS has proven to be a very effective fundraising method. Previous campaigns for the earthquake in Haïti, the flood in Pakistan and the famine in Africa all generated high contributions. MobileWeb supports again free of charge the technical part and is the preferred partner for these kind of actions. We have the knowledge and technical capacity to setup fast and easy SMS-campaigns for organisations. The 11.11.11 campaign was ready and operational in less than 48 hours.

Support 11.11.11 and send a message to 4666!
(from 6 tot 21 November 2011)

MobileWeb supports SMS action for Africa. SMS ‘ja’ – ‘oui’ to 4666

The Horn of Africa is currently hit by one of the severest droughts in 20 years. 12 million people are at risk of starvation as the drought and famine intensifies across Somalia, Ethiopia, North of Kenya and Djibouti. The UN says this could lead to the biggest world food crisis of the 21st century and the different aid organizations are in need of  big support to help the victims.

The 4666 SMS action is a joint initiative of MobileWeb, KPN Group Belgium/Base, Mobistar, Proximus and Telenet and aims to raise money for the different aid organizations.

For every SMS message with the keyword ‘ja’ or ‘oui’ to 4666, 1euro is donated to the organizations. The Belgian mobile operators work together for this project and they support on the services of MobileWeb for the technical part.

Help the victims and send ‘ja’ – ‘oui’ to 4666

More info on

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Innovative SMS campaign replaces recruitement letter

MobileWeb creates platform for interim agencies to connect faster and easier with job candidates.

sms recruiting

The classic letter of application seems to be outdated. T-Interim is the first agency that uses sms to recruit candidates. It’s a fast and easy way for companies to connect with the right profiles. Volvo Cars is currently enrolling the system to recruit 400 production workers. You send the company name to a short, easy-to-remember number and within 24 hours the agency will contact you. If you have the right competencies, the application procedure will start.

It’s not only easy and fast. It’s free, the threshold is low and people without e-mail-address are included in the pool of profiles.

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bpost and MobileWeb deliver your New Year’s SMS on a Post Card

bpost, the Belgian postal office, has launched yesterday an innovative new product the “SMS Post Card” (SMS Kaartje / Carte SMS). You can send your New Year’s wishes via SMS to a shortcode. bpost will print out your wishes on a nice postcard and sent it to the destination you indicate in your SMS.

New Year's SMS on Post Card delivered to your friends by bpost and MobileWeb

Try it out yourself! Send an SMS starting with  KAARTJE or CARTE to 3031 (€ 1,20 per postcard).

Boondoggle is the creative agency behind the advertising campaign which includes TV, DM, billboards and mobile bannering. The SMS service has been developed by MobileWeb.


Mobile Messaging Latest news: Telenet, GOF Guidelines and special characters in SMS

MobileWeb announces today 2 important upgrades of our SMS messaging platform:

  • The implementation of Telenet as a separate mobile operator
  • Complete support of special characters such as €, é, à, … in SMS messages

We hereby also inform you officially that as from October 15th 2010 modified GOF Guidelines will apply to SMS services in Belgium. Additionally we introduce you to our new team members.

Finally, please note in your agenda that we organize the 5th edition of the Web Goes Mobile Seminar on Wednesday December 8th, under the theme: « Tablets : new business for media ? »

Telenet : fourth mobile operator

Telenet : fourth mobile operatorSince October 11th, Telenet has become a full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This implies that Telenet will now manage on its own infrastructure and billing systems its mobile subscribers. Gradually Telenet will migrate its 170.000 mobile subscribers, who are currently handled by Mobistar, to its own systems.

For you, as a customer, this will not have any impact during the first year. MobileWeb has obtained special conditions for you with Telenet, who stay valid until September 30th 2011 :

  • No extra shortcode fees will be applied
  • You receive refunds or cash collection amounts who are equivalent to the ones from Mobistar

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, MobileWeb has prepared the past weeks this technical and administrative migration :

  • The technical connection with the Telenet SMS Platform is now fully operational and tested,
  • All existing shortcodes have been activated on this platform and tested by our teams
  • Premium SMS customers will receive as from november 2010 separate refunds or cash collection amounts for Telenet as a separate operator.

Modified GOF Guidelines as from October 15th 2010

Modified GOF Guidelines as from October 15th 2010

Starting October 15th, the Belgian mobile operators will apply modified GOF Guidelines. The key changes of this new version :

  • Treshold of 25 euro alert: Service Provider have to send a free message when the usage per shortcode and per calendar month exceeds 25 euro (effective as from January 1st 2011) (article B2.2)
  • Premium WAP Push messages are not allowed any longer (B.3.2)
  • Subscription services, initiated on the web, have to follow more strict rules in communicating the first opt-in (B.2.5.1)

Please read the entire text of these modified guidelines on our site

Complete support a special characters in SMS

Complete support a special characters in SMS Since October 7th, all SMS connectivity services of MobileWeb support a much broader set of characters in the SMS messages. As a result you can now without any problem send SMS containing characters €, é, è, à, @,…

This character set is supported on all mobile operators and is know as GSM 03.38. A more complete description is available on this link.

SMS can reduce missed appointments

Mobile solutions for healthcare

Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest nonprofit healthcare provider, is using mobile as a means of cutting costs on its communication infrastructure.

Kaiser needed to find a solution that would cut patient communication costs and at the same time have the potential for a national rollout and have a considerably short development and implementation time. The company turned to mobileStorm.

“The strategy was simple: prove SMS can reduce missed appointments,” said Jared Reitzin, CEO of mobileStorm, Los Angeles. “At $150 a pop, missed appointments cost organizations like Kaiser millions of dollars per year.”

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SMS action for Haiti: already more than 100.000 euro collected

Press release

On Monday January 18th at 10.00, the customers of mobile operators KPN Group Belgium/BASE, Mobistar and Proximus have already donated more than € 100 000 to the victims of the earthquake in Haïti. Until January 31st at midnight, customers can donate 1 euro by sending a sms message to the number 4666, containing the message “yes” or the code of the organisation they wish to support.  The revenue of the action will be donated in its entirety to help the victims. All information about the participating organisations can be found on the website and developed by the technical partner MobileWeb.

 On Friday January 15th, the three mobile operators KPN Group Belgium/BASE, Mobistar and Proximus, in collaboration with MobileWeb, have launched a sms action to help the victims in Haïti. The customers of the three  operators have already sent more than 100.000 SMS messages by Monday morning 10 o’clock.

 The shortcode 4666 is available for all humanitarian organisations that wish to participate to this action. The Belgian Consortium for Urgency Situations and the Red Cross have already joined in.  To support the Consortium, people can send a SMS with the message “1212” to 4666. Donating to the Red Cross is possible by sending a SMS with the message “HAITI” to 4666. All information regarding the participating organisations can be found on the website and

 Until January 31st at midnight, customers can send a SMS message at 1 euro to the number 4666 with the code of the organisation they wish to support. The mobile operators and MobileWeb will donate the entire amount to the different humanitarian organisations that participate to the action.