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KPN gets away with commercial SMS test

Dutch telecom KPN might have broken the Telecommunication law in Holland. In a test about mobile advertising, KPN had sent 6 million sms messages to prepaid clients. If clients reacted to the message, they got to see their mobile credit as well as a commercial message of a third party. The campaign led to about 19 complaints but the telecom advisory authority in Holland OPTA decided not to take action since the amount of complaints was small and so was the level of damage of the message. By reacting mildly, OPTA wants to encourage the development and the testing of new services.

Cold feet slows down mobile marketing

Mobile marketing offers great possibilities to advertisers: personalization, large reach, interactivity, … The expectations have been high for years and the growth analyses of reputed agencies are very optimistic. Yet it seems this market doesn’t seem to get jumpstarted in Belgium. What’s wrong and what needs to happen to get the development of this market started?

Déjà vu
The current period reminds me of the early days of the Internet (1998 – 2000). Back then the Internet was a promising new medium with new opportunities for advertisers. The expectations during those ‘hype’ years were very high, with a lot of enthusiasm of the media, advertisers and analysts. Yet the Internet has become a successful marketing medium only 7-8 years later. From this period we can learn a few valuable lessons.

Cases, numbers and evangelization
To get mobile marketing higher on the menu of large advertisers and media agencies, the sector needs to work on the following priorities:
1. Cases: the sector must collaborate with advertisers to work out cases in which mobile marketing is effectively integrated into advertising campaigns. The goal must be clear from the start: to invest in order to learn together.
2. Numbers: marketers and advertisers will only be convinced of the advantages of mobile marketing if these can be proven with strong numbers. These numbers must preferably be analyzed in the language of the advertisers. The efforts done by the IAB and InSites for BMB (Belgian Mobile Mapping) are without a doubt important steps in the right direction.
3. Evangelization: advertisers are in fact risk-fearing managers. For understandable reasons, they won’t easily change concepts that have proven good service for years. It takes a lot of energy and evangelization power to bring new ideas to these decision makers. An important role here is reserved for the telecom operators.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Don’t be afraid to experiment!
And yet, cases, numbers and evangelization won’t suffice. We need advertisers to be more courageous and willing to experiment. From the early years of the Internet we remember that the best results regarding impact and efficiency can be obtained by the ‘early adopters’. Though today click through rates on banner campaigns is merely at 0,1%, for the first campaigns it used to be above 3%! The honour, the sweat and… the results are for those who get over their cold feet first.

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