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Facebook Connect expands across the mobile web

Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Connect for Mobile Web, an effort to extend its reach across the mobile application ecosystem. Speaking at the Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, Facebook Mobile director Henri Moissinac said Facebook Connect for Mobile Web will enable developers to add Facebook social media functionality to any app across any operating system, offering users the option to share information with friends and update their current status. The social networking giant introduced Facebook Connect for traditional web apps in 2008, and expanded the program to iPhone applications earlier this year.

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Facebook status updates via SMS

It’s becoming extremely popular these days: letting all your Facebook buddies know what exactly you’re doing at any moment of the day or night.  Status updates of your friends are displayed immediately when you log into the social networking site.

But what if you don’t connect for a while and you miss out on certain status updates?
A highly important need, according to Facebook (“Don’t be the last to know about what’s happening with your friends, family or co-workers just because you’re away from your computer.”)
So now you can subscribe to receive the status updates of certain friends, or from certain fan pages of groups, by SMS.  On every profile there’s now a link “Subscribe via SMS” so you can receive the updates of that person on your mobile.  You can also reply, which will appear as a comment.

If you log into your Belgian Facebook account, you won’t see that link just yet – the feature is only available in 18 countries so far, including the US, UK, South Africa, Indonesia and New Zealand.
Facebook also notes: “While Facebook does not charge for this service, your mobile-service provider’s standard text messaging rates will apply so be sure to check with your provider.”


Digital business card: my name is E

With social networks and digital accounts gaining popularity, the traditional paper business card is becoming old fashioned.  Not only do you need to copy all the info manually, it also doesn’t offer all the digital identity data, such as LinkedIn or Skype profiles.

That’s where the E-technology comes in, allowing to exchange contact data with your mobile phone.   Simply create one or more digital business cards on the mobile site  If you and your business partner both have an ‘E’, you simply enter the name of your business contact and all data of both profiles are exchanged and saved online.  On your E-Card, you can not only enter the traditional coordinates, such as company, function, address, phone  number and e-mail, but also your accounts on social networks (LinkedIn, …), media sharing services (Flickr, Youtube, …), instant messengers and even gaming accounts (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network).

E, the Dutch company behind the technology (which started as a graduation project), is working on an app for Windows Mobile,  iPhone,  Symbian, Android and the new WebOS of Palm, allowing to simply and quickly manage and exchange the E-Card with your smartphone.

The letter E stands for whatever meaning the users would like it to have. E can be emotion. Evolution. Everybody. Everything.


Social networks drive mobile internet traffic

According to a recent measurement of mobile internet usage by M:Metrics, social network sites like Facebook, are key drivers of mobile internet usage.

In the UK, is the number 1 domain, where an active Mobile Web user spends on average 1h 44 minutes of time spent per month (or 72% of all time spent on the Mobile Web). In the US the active mobile internet user spends on average 1h 25 minutes on and 1h24 minutes on (representing 61% of all time spent on the mobile internet in the US).

Other interesting finding of this research: Americans spend twice as much time on the mobile internet than Britains: more than 4.5 hours per month browsing on their smartphone, where as British smartphone users browse the mobile web on average 2.2 hours per month. The higher popularity of flat rate data plans in the United States is a primary factor explaining this difference.


Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United Kingdom







TheFacebook, Inc


Hutchison Whampoa Limited


British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc


Microsoft Corporation


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)



Top Domains by Time Spent Browsing per Month: United States







Craigslist, Inc.


eBay Inc.


News Corporation


TheFacebook, Inc


The Walt Disney Company