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Record sales for mobile phones

In 2006 Belgium saw a record sale of 4,36 million mobile phones, worth almost 600 million euros. That’s 15% more than 2005, which held the previous record of 3,8 million phones.
This was announced in De Tijd, based on statistics of market researcher GfK. Since there are about 9,5 million mobile phone numbers in Belgium, nearly half of those users bought a new phone in 2006. Although this is an impressive number, the Belgian growth is low compared to international sales. Worldwide almost 1 billion phones were sold, which is a rise of a staggering 23% compared to 2005. This growth is largely caused by upcoming markets such as India, Brasil and Africa. Low-cost mobile phones are definitely on a rise. Almost half of the sold mobiles were priced less than 100 euro. On the other hand, the clamp shell models are becoming more popular than the simple rectangular ones. Mobiles with camera are becoming more and more common, and 26% of the mobiles contains a MP3 player. UMTS is still an unknown and therefor unpopular technology.

Record sales for mobile phones