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Els De Schepper incorporates SMS in stage show

Yesterday evening, Flemish comedy entertainer Els De Schepper presented her new show ‘Supervrouw’ in the Elisabethzaal in Antwerp. In her new stage show, De Schepper talks about the demands of today’s society for women, who have to be beautiful, smart, funny, happy,… all at once.

In a way to discuss today’s technologies and marketing evolutions, she also incorporated a SMS game in the show, in collaboration with People in the audience were asked to send a SMS message with their idea what Els was still lacking to be a ‘Supervrouw’ (superwoman). Els read the most original ideas directly on her laptop on stage. The woman who replied she only needed “angel wings” was called on her mobile and then brought to stage to receive a prize. is proud to work with one of Flanders’ most talented entertainers to introduce this form of interactivity in her show.

Els De Schepper - Supervrouw