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Telenet starts with combined sales offer

Although combined sales are allowed for a few months now, there aren’t that many offers on the market yet.  Telenet is one of the first large telecom players starting a combined offer.  When ordering a “Walk & Talk 20” subscription at 20 Euro a month, you can choose a mobile phone at 1 Euro.  Among the mobile phones available with the offer, are the Samsung Star, LG Viewty, Sony Ericsson Naite and Nokia 3720.

If other providers are following, we could finally be on our way to a necessary renewal of the Belgian mobile phone park, which has been lagging behind in Europe.


Skype available on mobile phones

“Fantastic!”, my colleague Olivier exclaimed after having installed Skype on his iPhone.  As he is using the company’s WIFI network, he can call other Skypers for free.  And after a few tests, the quality turned out to be pretty good.

This evolution is worrysome for telecom operators.  When Skype was introduced years ago, they were reassured that most people were used to their mobile phone and wouldn’t limit themselves to sitting at their PC to make their phone calls.  Now that the Internet has become more mobile, the threat is back.

Of course, it is still a limited service.  You can only call to other Skype users for free.  You can also call another phone number, but then a telecom network is used at the receiver’s end, so it’s paying.  Another limitation is that you need a Wifi network, which are not as widespread here as they are in the United States.  Without the Wifi, you’re surfing on the telecom network… and paying for data.
UPDATE: Turns out that Skype only works on Wifi, not on 3G because of contractual agreements.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the telecoms should start rethinking their strategy.


Mobile telecom is 4th biggest market

Economic crisis or not, mobile telecom is still one of the most profitable business markets in the world.  Only the food, weapon and car industry are doing better. These 4 markets are the only ones worth more than 1 trillion dollars (or 750 billion euro).   The telecom market is still growing, with now almost 4 billion mobile subscriptions around the world.

These numbers come from the telecom analist Tomi Ahonen of the Oxford University, who stresses the importance of mobile telecommunications.  He predicts that mobile phones will become more important than PCs to visit internet pages. 

Of the 1 trillion revenue, there’s 150 billion coming from mobile phone sales, 50 billion from network devices, and a 800 billion from mobile services.    Of the mobile services, there’s 600 billion for mobile voice calling, 130 billion for SMS texting and 70 billion for mobile internet. 

If telecommunication is calculated together (fixed, mobile & Internet), it is worth 1,8 trillion dollars, which would be second place behind the food industry.