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Proximus to offer new Google Phone

Proximus will be distributing the new HTC Magic, the second mobile phone equipped with the Android operating system.  The first Google Phone was the T-Mobile G1.

The HTC Magic Google Phone will have a touch screen and will support 3G and Wifi.

More info will follow at a press conference tomorrow.

Apple gets patent on touch screen

Apple has received a patent on the specific touch screen technology, used by its iPhone and iPod.  The touches of the users’ finger is converted to specific queries.  This is now detailed into the Apple patent.    The description mentions 25 inventors, among which also Steve Jobs.

The patent will be important to fight off competition, who often uses the same technology with less precision.


Palm presents new Pre smartphone

10 years ago, Palm dominated the PDA world.  Unable to hold on to their top position, they have since been pushed aside by the iPhones and Blackberries of this world.  Now they’re back in the competition with their new smartphone, the Palm Pre.

The Pre, expected on the market this semester, sports a 3,1″ touch screen in combination with a full keyboard.  Its Web OS allows multitasking, a benefit over the iPhone.  Other features include a build-in GPS, a 3.1 megapixels camera and 8Gb of storage.  With its 140g, it sure is one of the light weights on the market.  More details on its features are expected later.


More mobile phone sales, increasing use

The sales of mobile phones, which had been suffering from the economical crisis in the past months, has increased again in the end of year holiday period.  In December, there was an increase of 20% compared to last year.

Since mid November, Fnac has seen 20% more mobile phone sales.  The Phone House sold 40% more GSMs.  And the shops of Proximus and Base saw an increase of 10 to 30%.

The availability of ever more smartphones with touch screens and multiple functionalities did not only stimulate the sales of mobile devices, but also increase the average price.

Meanwhile, a new Gartner study has shown that the use of mobile device continues to increase.  By 2011, the mobile subscriptions should have toppled the amount of fixed lines.  It predicts that by 2012, 23% of professionals will only be accessible on a mobile phone, compared to 4% now.  Again, the smartphones are the driver for this evolution.

Scandic Trip day 2 – Nokia, Kauppalehti

After a very short night and smooth fligth, we arrive in Helsinki. Find here more info about our first day of the trip organized by Medianet Vlaanderen.

arrival Helsinki airport

arrival Helsinki airport

In the morning we visit the “Solutions Experience Center” of Nokia Siemens Networks. We are being welcomed wholeheartedly by a team of people.
welcome at Solutions Experience Center of Nokia Siemens Networks

welcome at Solutions Experience Center of Nokia Siemens Networks

In the welcome hall, the number of new connected people (wireless and via wireline) is shown on the map of the world in real time. Within a couple of minutes about 1000 new connections were registered, of which more than 40% in Asia and 20% on the African continent. These are clearly the growth markets for companies like Nokia.
worldwide phone connections measured by Nokia

worldwide phone connections measured by Nokia

Further in this center, Nokia Siemens has a number of demo setups of future applications (timeline 2015).
We were amazed by an introduction movie on large screen, showing the charm of Finland. Later on we were a little bit disappointed about the solutions demonstrated. Most of the handsets did not have touch screens. The applications shown are mostly already existing today within the mobile internet and iPhone community.
mobile video demonstration Nokia

mobile video demonstration Nokia

Nokia Siemens also demonstrated their current IPTV integrated offering. One of the unique and impressive features is the integration of mobile and tv access and delivery: you can order a video on demand and view the first part on your mobile, and upon returning home continue to watch  the movie on your TV handset.

Nokia Siemens IPTV offering

Nokia Siemens IPTV offering

On my way out I discovered a remarkable picture on the wall of one of  the first transportable Nokia phones.
nokia transportable
nokia transportable

In the afternoon we visited Kauppalehti, the largest financial newspaper in Finland. The chief editor explained that this newspaper is doing very well. It has a high penetration and an increasing circulation. However the overall readership is decreasing quite significantly, and this mainly as a result of the increasing popularity of the internet.

Editor in Chief KauppalehtiKauppalehti is already developing its Internet activities since 1996. On a weekly basis it reaches now approximately 450000 unique visitors. This audience is now significantly higher than the paper readership. Surprisingly enough only 19% of the online visitors also have a paper subscription. The internet offering is therefore attracting a new audience for the group and Kauppalehti is strongly believing that the internet will become more important in the group, also in terms of the overall share of the revenues. Today internet represents approximately 25% of the group’s revenues. In the future it will probably be more than 50%.

We also had an interesting presentation on how Kauppalehti has developed its digital activities. The digital business has been break-even as from the third year of operation. The revenues from selling its content to third parties represent an important part of the success story.

Finally, the person in charge of the online sales explained us the current status of the online advertising market. She also shared the key insights in which type of campaings have more impact (“attention value” and click-through) than others. One of the key challenges in the Finnish online market is the pricing. Banners are being sold at 1 – 3 EUR CPM, which is extremely low. Kauppalehti intends to increase on a selection of its ads the prices with as much as 30% in 2009.

In the evening we met with the people driving the IAB in Finland. The Finnish IAB organization has a strong representation and a very active permanent staff. MSN showed us the result of an extensive study about the impact of online advertsing on sales, carried out by MacDonalds, OMD and MSN. The study revealed that for every 1 EUR invested in online advertising, McDo increased its sales with 4 EUR. Moreover internet advertising proved to be more cost efficient than TV advertising.

RIM introduces touch screen on Blackberry Storm

Research In Motion (RIM) has presented their new Blackberry Storm. Most striking feature of this new mobile device is its touch screen, making the obvious comparison with rival Apple’s iPhone.

The touch screen of the Storm however is remarkably different because it’s ‘clickable’: when touched, the screen depresses slightly as if it’s a typewriter key. RIM president Mike Lazaridis described the touch-screen as a “truly tactile touch interface” which “solves the longstanding problem associated with typing on traditional touch-screens.”

To fence of the stiff competition of other recent smartphones (think Apple iPhone, Google’s T-Mobile G1, Samsung Omnia,…), the Blackberry Storm offers a large range of high level features, including 3G, HTML web browser, 3.2 megapixel camera, video camera, media player and GPS.

RIM hasn’t announced a release date yet but the Storm should become available before the Christmas holiday season. In the US, it will be linked with Verizon, while in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand it will be available with a Vodafone subscription.