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Android overtakes iPhone: more traffic in U.S.

It seemed all to come: Android has overtaken the iPhone in terms of data on smartphones in the U.S.. According to figures from AdMob, an agency that places advertising banners in applications and collects figures . AdMob gives a partial overview of the smartphone market because they do not operate on all platforms, but a comparison between Android and iPhone is doable. Android is now accounting for 46% of web traffic in the U.S.. The iPhone has dropped to 39%. But indicates this also that there are more Android then iPhone users? This conclusion can not easily be made.

The difference might have to do that with Android more andĀ  more applications are offered for free (since there are still many countries that have not yet paid applications available, including Belgium). Thereby developers are using on the Android platform relatively more ads to earn money with their apps. Thereby more Android usersĀ  will be detected in the systems from AdMob. The Android-datatraffic is growing monthly by 32 percent, from 72 million searches in March 2009 to 2 billion in March 2010.

Avoid traffic jams with De Standaard Mobile

Now that the holidays are over, traffic on the Belgian highways is getting busier again. To avaid traffic jams, you can consult De Standaard Mobile where you can find a detailled overview of the traffic situation in Flanders and specifically in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. For the traffic info, De Standaard collaborated with Het Verkeerscentrum Vlaanderen.

Surf with your GSM or other mobile device to

Vermijd de files met De Standaard Mobile

VW launches mobile traffic service

Volkswagen drivers in The Netherlands can now use their mobile phone to obtain road, traffic & weather information. Last month, VW has sent out a mailing introducing their ‘Volkswagen Mobiel’ service, which can be downloaded free of charge by all clients. This way, the car brand wants to constantly stay in touch with its clients and wants to give them a positive feeling and ‘something to talk about’.