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Some SMS facts & figures

Average amount of SMS messages sent per user per month: UK users send 29% more SMS in 2008, compared to 2007


Average price per SMS: 36% decrease in 2008, compared to 2007


(source: JournalDuNet)


Recruiting by SMS

Eat your own dog food.

British mobile phone content provider Teimlo is looking for a new marketer but is recruiting by SMS. 
“If you are qualified, sassy, good with words, dynamite at events, Adobe compatible, having working knowledge of mobile and social mobile, and are a determined multi-tasker and networker we want to hear from you.” they announce.
If a candidate can sell himself well in 160 characters, he gets a message back with an invitation for a face-to-face interview.

Original idea.

Mobile campaign for recycling in London

To encourage people to recycle, the city of London is rolling out a mobile campaign called Recycle for London.  The campaign includes a mobile game, which can be downloaded on a mobile site

The game challenges the user to starve their hungry ‘evil bin’ by catching all recyclable materials in a green recycling box. Players score points for every item caught, but if the evil bin eats three items which should be recycled, it’s game over.

The game has been built as a Java application. By texting BIN to 62967, players receive a link to a mobile Internet site where they can download the game, ringtones, wallpaper and a  30-second ad. iPhone users can download the game from the Apple Store. The iPhone version uses the handset’s gyroscope: by tilting the phone left and right, the player moves the bin left and right. All users can forward the game to friends.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board: “I am very excited that the new Recycle for London campaign is using innovative technologies to boost recycling and my message is to starve your bins and recycle, recycle, recycle.”


iPhone Nano in december?

According to the UK paper The Daily Mail, Apple will release a Nano version of the iPhone.  The sized-down mobile device would be available by Christmas for all British O2 customers and would cost about 250 Euro.

Apple has not confirmed the story and analysts have already said that if it were true, the iPhone Nano would destroy the sales of the iPhone 3G.  To be continued…?