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Mobile Internet usage to reach 39% in 2014

According to a recent Forrester research report, one out of 3 European consumers will use the Mobile Internet in 5 years from now. 
 The adoption of the mobile platform is set to grow from 13% in 2008 to 39% in 2014.

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Mobile Internet use in Belgium will triple

According to a new Forrester study, the use of the Mobile Internet in Belgium will triple over the next 5 years.    While now only a mere 9% of Belgian mobile users surf the mobile web, this will be 28% in 2014.  Still, this means Belgium still seriously lags behind in Europe, where an average of 39% is expected.  Our Dutch neighbours would even go up to 47%, almost half of the mobile population.

Forrester gives a few explanations for this bad score:
– First of all, the amount of 3G networks is limited, with Base still not offering anything. 
– Secondly, there is (or rather, was) the ban on combined sales, which meant that smartphones are still expensive and are less prominent than in other countries.
– Thirdly and most important, is the lack of flat rate subscriptions. 

So it’s mostly up to the mobile operators, whether or not they want to give a boost to the mobile internet market.  With profit for voice and text decreasing, one would think they are eager to stimulate this mobile platform…

Mobile Internet use in the US

Here’s some of the mobile data just presented by Nielsen at MobileBeat 2008 yesterday in California. It shows how mobile Internet usage is growing. And it’s not just limited to attracting people who have become Web-savvy already on their computers; the mobile Web brings in new Internet users, too.

Strong and growing usage of Mobile Internet in France

According a study performed in the first quarter of 2008 by AFMM (Association Française du Multimédia Mobile) and Ipsos Média about 25% of all French mobile subscribers in the age range 15-50 years use mobile internet services on a daily basis.

Flat rate internet plans as well as 3G connectivity are the key drivers of increasing usage and frequency: 50% of 3G subscribers are daily mobile internet users.

The study further reveals that 66% of the respondents wish to receive an SMS with a wap push link in order to directly link to the desired mobile internet site.