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Friday 23 april released a new Android application!

With this application you have access to the best radio stations from the Netherlands and this on your Android device! You can browse and listen to (currently) 280 radio stations, including: Radio 538, Radio Veronica, 3FM, Sky Radio,…

For more information check and you will see a lot of information and a list of features!

For a video review you can watch this nice video made by


Web Goes Mobile seminar 2008: video interviews

Our partner AWT has made some great footage and video interviews at our Web Goes Mobile seminar 2008.  Check out the videos below.

Seminar overview:

Interview Danny Lein (

Interview Marc Vanlerberghe (Google):

Interview Peter Vandermeersch (De Standaard):

Interview Paul Golding:

Interview Nanno Palte (InSites Consulting):

WGM seminar covered by forum4editors

We’re glad to see that the Web Goes Mobile seminar was covered on forum4editors.

Check out their site for following articles:
Mobile strategy: from mass to tailor-made advertising (interview Peter Vandermeersch)
From Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0 (interview Paul Golding)
What people need to commit to mobile internet (interview Nanno Palte)

They’ve also done some video interviews at the event:

Interview Peter Vandermeersch

Interview Paul Golding

Interview Danny Lein

Interview u-centric