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Apple and Android are big winners of 2009

The sales of mobile phones stagnated last year, as a result of the recession.  But smartphones were the exception.  According to figures by Gartner, 24% more smartphones were sold in 2009 compared to the year before.  Nokia, Blackberry and Apple together sold about 172 million smartphones.

Also important changes as to the operating system of mobile devices.  Even though half of the smartphones still use Nokia’s Symbian, it is clearly losing ground.  Microsoft Windows Mobile is also on the losing side, being pushed out of the top 3 by iPhone OS.  In 2009, iPhone doubled its amount of units sold from 11,8 to 24 million. 
Big runner-up is Android.  The 6,8 million units sold in 2009 were 10 times as much as the year before. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, there are about 60.000 Google Android phones sold every day now.  At that rate there’ll be more Android phones than iPhones by 2011.

(source: Emerce)

Mobile World Congress Barcelona: a first view

All eyes of the mobile industry are directed to Barcelona this week, where the annual Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM) is taking place. 
Here are already some interesting news bits:

– Microsoft Corp. unveiled the latest version of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, adding video-games and music features in a bid to stop market share losses to Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Read more

Check here for an overview of some of the newest and most popular handsets on the market from a dozen leading vendors.  Many large players, including Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC, have presented at the start of the Congress yesterday new devices.  Surprisingly, Nokia didn’t bring any new toys…

– With Apple and Google stealing most of the limelight the past few months, other mobile manufacturers are gearing up to face the competition. Many are announcing new models of smartphones and marketplaces to compete with the iPhone and the App Store and their likes.
Ericsson announced its eStore mobile application store. 
Meanwhile, an alliance of 24 operators (including China Mobile, Britain’s Vodafone, the U.S.’s AT&T and Verizon Wireless, Spain’s Telefónica, France’s Orange), dubbed the Wholesale Applications Community, are collaborating on an “open platform” that delivers applications to all mobile phone users. 

Keep updated on the Mobile World Congress via their official website, and ofcourse via the MobileWeb blog.

Adobe introduces Photoshop Mobile

Software giant Adobe Systems has introduced a new mobile service for subscribers of Mobile allows to upload, view & share pictures on your Photoshop account.

A member can access his Photoshop account on his mobile phone.  He can then upload the pictures taken with his cameraphone and store up to 2Gb of pictures.  The online photos can be viewed with your mobile device from anywhere.  You can also create a photo album and share it with friends.

Photoshop Mobile is a free download. Windows Mobile-supported phone and account ID are required.

Microsoft introduces new mobile operating system

Among the new product presentations at 3GSM on monday, was also Microsoft, introducing Windows Mobile 6, their new operating system for mobile phones.
This OS promises an improved search function for mail contacts or music. Windows Live Messenger is now also integrated. Microsoft aims for a full compatability, to ease to transition from version 5 to 6.

Another improvement is the security of the system. To save data on a removable memory card, the user has to encrypt it first. Companies can also configure the system to deny too obvious passwords.

Microsoft has developed different versions of this operating system:
– Windows Mobile Professional for devices with touch screen
– Windows Mobile Standard for smart phones
– Windows Mobile Classic for PDA without built-in phone

The first mobiles using Windows Mobile 6 are expected in the spring of 2007.

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